Sea Kayak Halkidiki in “Greeka” website []

Sea Kayak Halkidiki company presentation in the “” website.

greeka_logo_smallBelow you can see the article written in the “” website, which is a travel guide about Greece and the Greek islands in order to share the Greek passion with the world. The website is originated back to 1999 and today is considered one of the top web resources in order to organize a trip to Greece and the Greek islands. 

Sea Kayak Halkidiki in website

The featured article contains an overview but also detailed information, regarding our Sea Kayak Halkidiki company, our sea kayaking trips and of course the holiday resort of Vourvourou area. We are very happy from the final result and the chance of getting our company mapped on their website.

Sea Kayak Halkidiki in website weblink:

A big thanks to Vasiliki from for her collaboration and profesionalism! 

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Sea Kayak Halkidiki
Daily Sea Kayaking Trips to Vourvourou Halkidiki. Ημερήσιες Εκδρομές με θαλάσσια kayak στη Βουρβουρού της Ηαλκιδικής


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