Sea Kayak Halkidiki environmental commitment to Vourvourou and Diaporos island in Halkidiki

Please Keep the place clean

panoramic_view_of-vourvourou_small_roundedEnvironmental Commitment of Sea Kayak Halkidiki

Even though we are fortunate to work in such a biologically diverse and incredibly beautiful place as Vourvourou in Sithonia Halkidikis, we do understand the impact that irresponsible actions may have on the eco-balance of the area.

That’s why we Sea Kayak Halkidiki trips and tours are designed to promote an understanding of this unique region’s delicate ecosystem while preserving their natural integrity. We take a low-impact, self-contained, leave-no-traces approach, carrying in what we need and carrying out all garbage waste. After enjoying such incredible natural beauty, we want to know that we’ve left the environment unspoiled for a future generation of explorers. We are proud of the fact that we leave the Vourvourou area and the island of Diaporos cleaner than we have found it, so don’t be surprised if you see a small heap of litter on your guide’s boat after a trip.

We firmly believe that a business can operate successfully and still have a minimal or positive impact on the environment and community in which we all live. That’s why we aim to raise the bar in terms of environmental commitment and sustainability in the eco-tourism industry.

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