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Romanian presentation of Sea Kayak Halkidiki from !

Romania_smallRecently, our Sea Kayak Halkidiki center acquired a Romanian presentation with all the details for our trips and services, from the Romanian website (Summer in Greece). 

Halkidiki is a very popular destination for Romanian tourists every summer, according to the Halkidiki Tourism Organization. This is very important fact for Sea Kayak Halkidiki, therefore it was an easy decision to create a presentation of our business to our Romanian customers. The presentation is distributed through the popular Romanian website (Summer in Greece).


In the following link you can find a detailed presentation in Romanian of Sea Kayak Halkidikis’ company and services, basic information regarding the daily guided sea kayaking trips and of course enought photos to trigger your imagination!

Hope to see again all of our Romanian friends this summer as well!

Company presentation in Romanian:

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