Yoga is an amazing system for building health and well-being, both physically and mentally. Whether you stick to a regular yoga practice at home or have never tried yoga before, adding yoga classes to your vacation will bring your relaxation to new levels.

Sea Kayak Halkidiki company offers group and private yoga classes in Vourvourou, at Sithonia peninsula of Halkidiki. We can provide different yoga classes (morning or evening) which are listed below. All classes are open to all levels, and no previous experience is required. Includes a free mat rental for each participant. If you are interested in a private yoga class, please contact us.

Beach Yoga Class

Beach yoga is the best option! Come enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating 1 hour yoga class on Vourvourou beach. The class takes place near our Sea Kayak Halkidiki center on the beach or under the shadow of pinewood trees next to the beach. Usually it includes positions “asanas” and breathing techniques “pranayama” and the purpose is to expel any tension from the body and spirit, detoxification, with the aim of meditation. Our breath is the most important vital element of the human body. Through practicing specific pranayama techniques will see how we can improve the quality and breadth of our breathing with awareness, promoting the level of health and quality of life. We do all this with the magnificent view of the sea as our backdrop & the roar of the waves as our background music.


Private Yoga at Your House/Rental or the Beach

Perfect for families & groups of friends who want private instruction in Vourvourou. 1 Hour Class designed for your needs & taste of music. Contact us to discuss & reserve for your private yoga party. Awesome event for team building events, company retreats, family reunions, girls/friends night & more! We guide you though a 1 hour yoga class which normally consists of warm-up/stretching, with a period of faster moving flow yoga with some core focus where you link one pose per breath, and a cool down period of deeper stretching & relaxation. We move you through the routine with many options to increase the challenge, but easy enough for the first time yoga practitioner.


Yoga Kayak Trips

Our Yoga Kayak Trips combines sea kayaking with yoga practice in the nearby beautiful Diaporos Island in Vourvourou bay, aiming to enhance your awareness of the natural world around you through a guided sea kayak eco trip and up lifting yoga class. We experience our union with the energy of the Greek land and illuminate our spirit with the philosophy of ancient Greek culture, in the exceptionally beautiful natural environment of Diaporos Island in Vourvourou bay of Sithonia Halkidiki. Please check our Yoga Kayak trip page for more information.